face-naamabI am D.Sc. (Tech.) Jussi Mikkonen. I am working as an assistant professor at Syddansk Universitet.

My research interests fall within the umbrella of constructive design research. My work revolves around computational thinking, prototyping functional devices and systems in Design. Storycoding is an approach for developing prototypes, useable for both product development and research purposes.

NEW BOOK Coming out! I have two book-chapters on methods for Computational Thinking, coming out via Samfundslitteratur.

Here are a few videos from my old Interactive Prototyping -course before joining SDU. These are fully functional prototypes by my old students: Beosound Orbit and Beosphere.

Feel free to look at the teaching results, as well as the prototypes. My teaching has generated several patents, and research & teaching combined have directly generated three start-ups: I like meaningful and practical work.


You can reach me by email:

SDU: [first two letters of firstname, and first two letters of lastname, written together as four lettered word, a bit like lumi] ( at ) sdu (d o t) dk

any other purpose:

“my_first_name” (├Ąt) kryt (dot) fi


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