Cube-shaped rotational user interface.
Cube-shaped rotational user interface, version 2.0

The InfoCube project (-2005) focused on the development of a wireless hand-held cube, which originally had a set of angular sensors for the detection of rotation.

The first version [1] was used to evaluate the suitability of the device as an interface for a smart home, as well as to explore a new kind of user interface. In the second generation version, both accelerometers and angular movement sensors were used.

The cube project was run initially as a collaboration between Tampere University of Technology, with the University of Lapland, and focused on creating a user interface which was initially shapeless. However, during the project, it was decided that something easy to hold was to be implemented and a cube shape was decided upon. The cube is a 6-degree of freedom tangible wireless device, and went through two design stages. The first prototype was implemented with Lasse Kaila, with the casing built by Prof. Jukka Vanhala, and the second was the author’s own fully engineered design, with the exception of the casing, built by Heikki Kosola.

[1] Kaila, L., Mikkonen, J., Palovuori, K., Vanhala, J. (2005) InfoCube – A 3D Handheld user Interface, Poster in Ambience 2005, Tampere, Finland, September 19-20, 2005.

V2.0 Opened from “top”.
InfoCube V1.0, casing by Jukka Vanhala.
V2.0 3D-PCB design, by me.
infocube parts_s
InfoCube V2.0 PCB:s separated.