musical-hoodie-frontmusical-hoodie-backDesigners: Silvain Toromanoff, Ayano Senzui, Jussi Mikkonen (teacher)

The musical Hoodie integrates music control, loudspeakers, and music player into the garment, transforming the listening of the music into a naturally wearable experience.

Ayano designed a sensor-fabric, which was placed in the hood and the upper back, to enable the detection of the hood position. The cords of the hoodie contain an user-interface with a dual nature: if you pull them, they act as the typical music controls (play, pause, forward and back). However, if you briefly touch the left-hand cord with the right-hand cord, it will set the volume (see below). Momentary touches do not do anything, however a longer term do: this is used to separate user intent from an accidental touch, e.g. when jogging.

The Hoodie has an MP3-player (controlled with Arduino and our own UI-hardware), and can be wirelessly charged just by hanging it up to a hook, with OJAS.


Musical hoodie