notebagiDesigners: Dongjin Byeon, Lewis Just, Nina Chen, Sami Kiviharju

Teacher: Jussi Mikkonen

We are presenting an alternative form of documentation for travelers, a wearable technology that allows the traveler to capture the rather abstract notion of sound memory by simply unzipping a bag pocket. The prototype was created through user centered methods, and the students interviewed and observed several travelers in Helsinki area.

Playback of the audio is controlled by the shoulder strap. To switch to playback user just plugs in headphones. The strap is pinched once to play and again to pause. Two pinches will skip forward to the next track and three skips backwards. To control the volume, the finger is used to touch the centre of the strap at any point and is moved up or down. Moving a finger up the strap increases the volume and down decreases it.

Note bag enables traveler who wants to capture and remember their trips in a way more aware of sounds in the environment and atmosphere during their travels. In addition, the travelers can freely experience the moment and effortlessly document their travels through this interactive wearable that we have built, designed and experimented.