ARCINTEX-meeting will be held at Aalto University, in Töölö-campus (conference and analysis-day workshops) and weekend workshops were in  Otaniemi-campus.

This time, we will explore something new. The event will have a workshop-weekend, followed by an analysis-day, ending with the two-day conference.

The registration has been closed, and we are on the GO!

Here are some images from the Weekend Workshops!

Conference, 17th – 18th October

The conference-part will consist of two days of sessions.  The detailed program can be found here.


Analysis-day, 16th October, STARTS AT 9:30, be there at 9:15 or so

The intent of our analysis day is to build on top of your weekend work. To achieve this, we have three (now combined to two) workshops to choose from.

  • Patenting workshop, to distil the novelty of your work. You will learn tools for identifying patentable ideas, work with patent claims, and in general, shed light to the world of IPR. This workshop is organised by the Patenting and Registry Office. This is now combined with the Dissemination workshop, to help you speak and write of your work.  In this workshop we aim at different angles of explaining your work towards your audience. This is organised by Aalto and collaborative partners (Hanken/London School of Economics).
  • Project application and Grant-writing workshop, to apply for new projects. You will learn how to work towards new project applications, based on your work. This is organised by the grant writers of Aalto university, with some help from Jussi.


Workshops, 13th – 15th October

The intent of our workshops is to create new research openings. To achieve this, we aim to help the participants build forward their work. We will provide a ‘starter-kit’ for these workshops, which will have publications and material that will help with the academic dissemination later on.

As we want to support the research of the PhD-students (and others as well, why not), we will ask for some information from the workshop-participants, once the registration is closed. This is to guide our organising, and to help you get most out of this event: new research findings, publications, cool people to do research with, even cooler methods to use.

The workshop-weekend will start with the parallel introductions to each lead-in workshop on Friday 13th, followed by two-days (14th-15th) of combined activity in the workshops in Otaniemi campus. You will have our facilities at your disposal, and the majority of the work will happen in ADDLAB! A-space. Other facilities will be used as well.

There are four main workshops, of which you can find information in the links below.

Workshops start at 10:00 on Friday, with registration and lounging from 9:15 forwards.

  • TEKSIG-method, for developing smart textiles and materials using visual signal tool
  • Acting the Code, for developing logical thinking through acting out and programming
  • SelfForming Textiles, for exploring ways to 3D-print with textile surfaces
  • Clay Pit, for exploring different aspects of ceramics

Please note, that we will record and later analyse each workshop, in both weekend-workshops and the analysis day, and may use this material for academic publications, but to also improve the future arcintex events. We’ll ask your permissions when the workshops begin, so this is a heads-up. If you have an issue with this, you can still participate without worry, and we won’t use the material without consent.

Suggestions For Accommodation:

Good for groups and in general recommended: (convenient, good location, reliable breakfast. If there are enough people, we can organise sauna. It is also possible to organise a group-accommodation for small groups of PhD-students in this place.)


Lower end of the scale:


Super-nice views, with the price matching the view: (this is in the city centre, absolutely fabulous) (this is not in the city centre, but it has a cool roof pool)