This page is not updated anymore, but is kept here for the history.

Check below for teaching courses, and results. (links to patents, quite awesome videos etc. I do not update the links much afterwards.)

My teaching philosophy places focus on the individual student, an approach that is very different from the typical mass-lectures, and what I call factory-type teaching (i.e. forcing people too rigidly towards a fixed stencil, not caring about the person). I’ve been teaching at the university level since 1998, through both mass-lectures and small face-to-face groups.


My main teaching activity has been the Interactive Prototyping-course. The students’ results have contributed to both research and economy, in the form of several publications, prototypes and startups. I also teach Wearable Technology, a course focusing on this emerging field.


Teaching by the years.

Spring 2018

Wearable Technology, with prof. Danielle Wilde.


Summer 2017

Wearable Technology and eTextiles.


Spring 2017

Interactive Prototyping, course theme: “Troubles of Tomorrow” with IoT as a topic. Patenting in process, more content during Autumn 2017.

We have been filing applications, with focus soon shifting towards dissemination.


Spring 2016

Interactive Prototyping I & II – sponsored by Bang & Olufsen. They kindly evaluated the course as the best in Europe.
Some working prototypes made by students: BeoSound Orbit, BeoSphere. BeoSound Orbit was selected for the Dubai Design Week 2016.

Wearable Technology and eTextiles – theme: “construction work”. Sponsored by VTT.
Some results already mentioned in Tekniikka ja talous (in Finnish).


Summer 2015

Wearables and Fashion summer workshop.  (teaching together with Ilona Hyötyläinen)
Helsingin Sanomat
Results were exhibited in, as a part of the Summer of Fashion. The exhibition was also held in the Finnish Embassy in Brussels.


Spring 2015

Interactive prototyping I and II (new course structure) – Theme: Interpreting Cues


Autumn 2014

Wearable technology and eTextiles – a course organized with UdK and HB.


Spring 2014

Interactive prototyping – Coming Home
Power management system, by Philip Zeitler, Tanguy Desurmont and an anonymous third student.


Autumn 2013

Wearable Technology I
Musical Hoodie presented at EU parliament exhibition in 2014.
Musical Hoodie presented in WEAR-IT festival at Kunsthalle Platoon in 2014.


Summer 2013

Design Sprint ( Functional Covers, With Nokia Research.)


Spring 2013

Interactive prototyping – wearables: after life-changing event
Article of the course in TEK-magazine (in Finnish).
A Startup, LEELUU. FB. Story in Good News Finland. Helsinki Times. Webrazzi. TEK-magazine.
LEELUU won the tech crunch pitching contest in 2014!
LEELUU presented at EU parliament in 2014.
NOTE-bag presented at EU parliament in 2014.
NOTE-bag presented at PLATOON MAGAZINE.
NOTE-bag presented in WEAR-IT festival at Kunsthalle Platoon in 2014.


Spring 2012

Interactive prototyping (Music on the go, with Nokia Gear.)
Dong, Music instrument for the Deaf

Design Sprint (Emotional connection, with Nokia Research.) One student concept patented by Nokia.
Wearables workshop (with Sabine Seymour )


Autumn 2011

Extensions of Textile (Laura Beloff as the main teacher.)
Advanced product design (Raimo Nikkanen as the main teacher.)
Designing with plastics (Teppo Vienamo as the main teacher.)
Lamp design (Simo Puintila as the main teacher.)


Summer 2011

Design Sprint (Organic User Interfaces, with Nokia Research.)
-Some student concepts patented by Nokia: Method for generating image data, Multi-UI


Spring 2011

Interactive Prototyping (Domesticating Search, with Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK.)
Master Student Project (DIDECO, Direct decoration with 3D inkjet printing, with VTT.)


Spring 2010

Interactive Prototyping (Honest Signals, with Nokia Research.)


Autumn 2009

Master student project (Improving the safety of level crossing areas, with Finnish Rail Administration.)


Spring 2009

Interactive prototyping (Cooking together, with Iittala/Arabia.)


Spring 2008

Interactive prototyping (Communicating in the car.)


Spring 2007

Interactive prototyping (First, no theme.)
Salla Koski developed her prototype to a company Bloomjack, which later evolved to Modz.


Before coming to UIAH/Aalto ARTS, I taught mainly engineers.

I lectured several years at Tampere University of Technology on the courses “Embedded processor application basics” and “Embedded processor applications”. I was also an assistant teacher at TUT on the course “Electromagnetic compatibility”, where I designed the circuitry to be tested, and supervised the student works. My academic teaching career stared in 1998, as an assistant teacher in Mobile- and Telerobotics course at TUT. Since those courses are of the mass lecture/factory-philosophy, there’s no need to go into details.