My students have generally fared well, and the results will be shown below as they get done.


PhD theses

I am currently academic advisor to three PhD students within different universities in the Nordics.


Master theses directly tutored, supervised or advised (not updated since 2016):

Pouta, Emmi, “Worn identities – Interactive Textiles as Extensions of Future Bodies”, 2016, Aalto ARTS.

Sarnes, Liisa., “Atomic layer deposition of thermoelectric oxide materials on textiles”, 2015, Aalto CHEM.

Zeitler, Philip, “A design approach on tactile gloves for commercial usage in the video game industry”, 2015, Aalto ARTS,

Aarnio-Juurinen, Aino, “In search for Avanto- A collection for the cold-water scuba divers with an infrared heating system”, 2015, Aalto ARTS,
(Metex-award 2015, Honorable Mention at RESHAPE – Wearable technology Competition 2015, and Finalist in two categories in Wearable Technology Awards 2016, with Visa Kupias.)

Kaipainen, Verna, “Wearable payment for young women – Utilizing rapid prototyping in iterative conceptual design”, 2015, Aalto ARTS,

Toromanoff, Silvain, “Potential Benefits of Wearable Technologies on Preschooler Outdoor Safety”, 2014, Aalto SCI,

Kiviharju, Sami, “Shift: an interactive device for demonstrating light guides”, 2014, Aalto ARTS,

Örnberg, Simon, “Sähköajoneuvon latauspisteen muotoilu suomalaiseen kaupunkiympäristöön”,”The design of the electric vehicle charging post for a Finnish city environment”, 2013, Aalto ARTS,

Hsieh, Yi-Ta, “Prototyping New Interaction Style – a case study on designing deformable mobile devices”, 2012, Aalto ARTS,
(European Innovation Thesis Competition 2013, Finalist, Best of category Technology & ICT)

Kinnunen, Kaisa Inari, “Faradayn puku – vaatteellisia retriittejä elektrosfääriin”, 2010, Aalto ARTS

Aho, Outi, “Robots don’t cry”, 2010, Aalto ARTS

Raula, Henrik, “Kosketusohjatut valaisinohjauspaneelit”, 2009, Tampere University of Technology