Jaakko Kahilaniemi Photography

Avanto started as a double-MA-thesis by Aino Aarnio-Juurinen and Visa Kupias.

It is now a spinoff company.

Visa and Aino did a wonderful job, developing a dry-suit for SCUBA-diving. The suit uses OJAS to exchange the power between the belt and the inside suit. The battery-pack, resembling a diving weight, can be charged and discharged wirelessly.

The work followed user-centred development process, and Aino and Visa interviewed, collaborated and learned diving with professional divers, including the ones from the military.

Their work has also been presented in the magazine of the Finnish divers association.

They have won the Metex-award in 2015, received an Honorable Mention at RESHAPE – Wearable technology Competition 2015, and were finalists in two categories in Wearable Technology Awards 2016.

Jaakko Kahilaniemi Photography